beben1.jpgWe offer:

  • Driving drums
  • Returning drums


  • Standard PTG drive type
  • Standard PTGM drive type
  • manufactured in accordance with our customer’s suggestions or design.


beben2.jpgReturning drums:

We offer returning drums,, supporting rollers and direction drum:

  • steel drum or a drum covered with rubber
  • various types of bearing covers
  • welded or replaceable shafts

Driving drums:

We offer various types of driving drums to satisfy clients' wishes:

  • Rubber covered driving drums; max. thickness of rubber - 40 mm; diamond pattern, herringbone pattern or plain rubber cover
  • Driving drums with cylinder bolt or with conical seat
  • Flexible – clamp settling rings or wedges connecting welded shafts and a hub (bearing cover).


Conveyor belts are used in almost every branch of industry e.g. food industry, furniture industry or toy manufacturing business. All our customers ought to know that if conveyor belts stop working properly, they should see which component is most likely to be broken and replace it. You should make a good investment in high quality products, since conveyor belts have complicated structure and require suitable components, need constant supervision and regular maintenance. A driving drum is definitely one of the most important component of conveyor belts. It makes them work.

If the driving drum is damaged or out of order, the conveyor belts stop working. It makes a great loss because almost always the whole production line stops working as well. Therefore, regular repairs and maintenance of the driving drum is so important. Nowadays, driving drums for conveyor belts are manufactured at the customer’s special request. In such a case, it is possible for a consumer to define e.g. the width, length, power of the driving drum etc. Belt width is also very important.

Order a driving drum manufactured at the customer’s special request, it is worth it. If you have got any questions regarding driving drums, please contact us.