Polyurethane screens are used for screening, sorting and drying out minerals, concrete aggregate and other raw materials of this type.

Polyurethane screens – much better than steel screens

Polyurethane screen is an alternative to a screen made of steel. It is much better than steel screen due to much lower noise level of a working equipment when the polyurethane screen is used.

In comparison to steel screens, the durability of polyurethane screens is much longer due to the fact that they are wear – resistant and rustproof. It is much easier to replace a polyurethane screen that has been broken. It can be easily repaired what increases its labour efficiency. Polyurethane screens are more accurate due to a special design and shape of their mesh. Furthermore, the durability of polyurethane screens is much longer. They are also highly efficient.

Types of polyurethane screens

It is impossible to use one type of screen to sort out all materials. That is why we offer modular polyurethane screens and polyurethane segment screens.

Modular polyurethane screens

Modular polyurethane screen – is a repeatable part of a screen bottom board consisting of suitable fastenings. It can be quickly put into a machine used for sorting and drying out the material screened.

Available mesh size: min. 0,3x11 mm max.120x120 mm.

Available dimensions of polyurethane modular screens: Width: min. 150, cm max. 320 cm; Length: min.150 cm, max. 1200 cm.

Available thickness of polyurethane modular screens: 30, 40 , 50 mm.

In addition to modular screens polyurethane we offer suitable fastenings i.e. anchoring pins, spreading pins, anchoring ledges and protective side liners.

Polyurethane segment screens

We offer welded screens and replaceable polyurethane screens.

  • We also offer stretched polyurethane screens (with rope reinforcement);
  • with a simple clamp or
  • with a hook clamp.

Maximum size of Polyurethane segment screens:: 2850 x 1470 mm; maximum thickness of Polyurethane segment screens:: 20 ÷ 60 mm.


One of the main advantages of polyurethane screens is their relatively lower dust emission and much lower noise level – more comfortable working conditions and work safety. Furthermore, polyurethane screens can be easily replaced what increases their labour efficiency. Long durability of polyurethane screens is their another advantage – they are wear resistant and rustproof. Moreover, large size of polyurethane screens increases their high efficiency. Polyurethane screens are widely used in industry due to their big advantage over other types of screens.