Conveyor belts

The range of potential applications for our fabric and rubber conveyor belts is extremely broad. Starting with the food industry, where they safely transport, among others, fruit and vegetables, as well as many other products of organic origin. The products we offer are commonly used in the heavy industry — mining, in particular, where they convey all kinds of loose material. They are used in various sorting plants, e.g. garbage sorting plants.

We are able to offer you the following conveyor belts:

1) General purpose fabric and rubber, operating temperature from – 25 to + 60 °C. Width range B=500 to B=1600. Belt durability ranging from EP 400 to EP 1200. Standard conveyor belts are used for transporting loose materials. We offer various types of spacers in belt, from 2 up to even 7.

2) Oil-resistant, intended for transporting loose materials containing organic or mineral oils, operating temperature from – 25 do + 60 °C. We are able to offer conveyor belts of various widths and tensile strength.

3) Wear-resistantconveyor belts with lining of reduced susceptibility to abrasion; intended for transporting such loose materials as quartz sand, gypsum, etc.

4) Flame-retardant – conveyor belt aimed at minimizing the self-ignition risk of the belt or transported material. Most commonly used for coal transport.

5) Resistant to elevated temperatures – primarily used for transporting loose materials of increased temperatures. They can convey hot ashes and slag, sinters, moulding sands, limestone, clinker or artificial fertilizers.

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