Drive and return drums

High-quality components for belt conveyors, intended for the mining, food and construction industries, as well as all kinds of manufacturing plants. Drive and return drums enable correct conveyor belt routing. A durable structure and the possibility of adapting component specification to the customer’s expectations and operating environment ensure prolonged and effective operation.

Drive and return drums

These elements are some of the most important conveyor belt components. The failure of any of such items often leads to great disturbances in the functioning of the entire process line at a manufacturing plant. Therefore, it is extremely important for the drive and return drums to be made of high-quality materials.

We offer several surface finishing options — smooth, rubber-coated or profiled. Matching the minimum diameter to the belt’s capabilities is also an important aspect. Otherwise, drums will be exposed to premature wear or even a breakdown. In the event of a correct system configuration, the expected service life is several thousand hours of trouble-free operation. Feel free to check a detailed description of our products.

We supply:
  • drive drums
  • boom/return drums
  • standard PTG
  • standard PTGM
  • as per the Ordering Party’s documentation or own design

Return drums:

Return, supporting, guide drums:

smooth or rubber-coated,
different types of bearing housings
welded or replaceable shafts

Drive drums:

We offer drive drums adapted to the needs of industrial companies:

with rubber lining up to 40 mm thick – diamond, chevron or smooth
with cylindrical or conical journals welded shafts,
on expanding and clamped rings or countersunk on wedges

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