Polyurethane screens

Polyurethane screens are mainly used for separating “wet” loose materials. However, owing to their high durability and very good performance parameters, their use in the manufacturing of rock raw materials, coal and other materials is increasing.

Types of polyurethane screens
Product separation is impossible using only a single type of measures. Therefore, our offer contains two types of polyurethane screens – modular and segmented.

Modular polyurethane screens
Modular polyurethane screens come in the form of repeatable, uniform platforms equipped with specially adapted fastening elements that enable rapid installation in machines for classification, screening and drainage. Our modular polyurethane screens come with mesh sizes from 0.3 mm x 11 mm to 120 mm x 120 mm. The offered screens come in widths from 150 cm to 320 cm and lengths from 150 cm to 1200 cm. The screens also differ in terms of thickness: 30 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm. In addition to the screens, you can also purchase such complementary elements as fastening pins, diffusing pins, fastening strips and barrier strips.

Segmented polyurethane screens
Segmented polyurethane screens come into two sub-types – inserted and cast. Depending on the needs of the customers, screens can be made as:

  • tensioned – equipped with wire reinforcement;
  • with a straight catch;
  • with a hooked catch,

Maximum possible segmented screen sizes are 2850 mm x 1470 mm. Whereas their thickness may range from 20 mm to 60 mm.

Polyurethane screens constitute a solution that is very beneficial from the point operating safety and comfort (significantly lower noise and relatively lower dusting), machine operating effectiveness (less time spent on assembly and disassembly means more time for effective operation), as well as durability (resistance to abrasion, no corrosion) and effectiveness (considerably higher precision of screening individual fractions). Owing to its advantages, this solution is used more and more often.

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