Roller sets

The overall design of roller sets is adapted to the expected operating conditions. The correct match of applied materials is crucial in terms of long-term operation and reduction of costs associated with replacing or renovating components. The design of the elements we offer is based on many years of experience in manufacturing roller sets. This enables us to offer you products with extended longevity and great performance properties. We focus on high material quality and proven solutions.

Heavy-duty roller sets

Such systems are commonly used in all kinds of manufacturing and construction plants. A proper selection of roller sets is determined by belt thickness and roller diameter. We offer custom selection and an individual system design for you company. Our company additionally protects roller sets through powder-coating, galvanizing or other anti-corrosion coatings. We are aware of the key role of roller sets in correcting conveyor belt course, which is why we offer roller sets with an offset angle or special conical rollers.

We offer carefully made rigid or offset roller sets (which mitigate the need to use guide elements), used to support belt conveyor mechanisms. Product sets are made of the best available materials (C-sections, angle bars), and as per the Ordering Party’s documentation or our original design.

We offer structures for the following belts: B500 to B2000. Our products are protected against corrosion using coating or galvanizing. They also consist of chain couplings and drive or return stations. A roller set type is determined by conveyor belt width and the used device configuration. Our offer of rigid or offset articles is primarily targeted at companies from the construction industry but also food plants.

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