Garland rollers

We are happy to offer you our flagship product – rollers. We present you the version with a flat steel shell, which is the most common among belt conveyor users. We also offer galvanized units with an acid-resistant or stainless steel shell. Owing to their versatility, our rollers can be used in many industries that use belt conveyors operating on rollers. Our products are used by, among others, construction, catering or mining companies.

Their manufacturing process involves using an adequately thick tube and other high-quality components, including bearings or hubs, which makes the smooth rollers offered by our company satisfy the most stringent requirements. This translates to the possibility of using them in explosion zones according to the ATEX Directive. We offer various smooth roller dimensions, also including models exceeding catalogue dimensions. Current stock levels allow us to rapidly respond to your need with regard to such products.

Owing to our varied assortment, you are able to match rollers to the belts of even the most specialized machines. Their design makes the bearing fully protected against the adverse action of dust or moisture. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding smooth rollers. We are at your disposal and will gladly help you choose the right unit for the devices at your company. will gladly help you choose the right unit for the devices at your company.

Roller technical description:

L (mm) L1 L2 S R
315 365 389 20 8,5
380 430 454
465 515 539
530 580 604
600 650 674
670 720 744
700 750 774
750 800 824

Types of axles:

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