Guide rollers

We are happy to present you guide rollers that enable adjusting the course of the belt in industrial conveyors. The use of the products we offer helps counteracting any breakdowns of your machines, since they really contribute to intuitive device operation. They prevent incorrect belt motion or uneven belt operation. Each of Kopalmat guide rollers can be used in conveyors operated in the mining, construction and power industries, as well as many other ones. They are some of the most fundamental subassemblies in devices responsible for safely and quickly conveying fine and loose materials. Their properties and dimension enable their use also in agricultural machines used to transport and load cereal grains.

We are able to manufacture guide rollers of various diameters and thickness. Moreover, these elements are made through welding a tube with a hub, which improves the service life and strength of guide rollers. This makes them characterized by, among others, relatively quiet operation and possible extension of the transport line within the conveyor. It also contributes to reduced power consumption, while maintaining full efficiency. We perform short- and long-term contracts, thus ensuring assistance in selecting and installation of our parts. Feel free to contact us, and join the group of users satisfied with our subassemblies.

Roller technical description:

L (mm) L1 D d
100 150 20
150 200 63,5; 76; 89; 108
215 265

Types of axles:

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