Rollers are the basic components of the conveyor belts. Rollers we offer are made of high quality materials to meet all the requirements of our customers.

We offer only welded rollers where the bearing cover is made of a tube and a hub. Welding helps to extend the durability of our rollers. We do not offer rollers with such bearing cover in order to sell them at a lower price. We store rollers of standard dimensions and standard diameter in a warehouse so that they are always available. That is why we are able to dispatch the goods almost instantly when ordered. Are you acquainted with our detailed offer yet? If not, please take a look. We offer you high quality products at a reasonable price.


We offer the following types of rollers:


Roller diameter (depends on the type of roller): min. Ø 51, max. Ø 245
The length of roller: 160mm - 2000 mm.
Welded rollers painted with primer paint
Rollers we offer can be also made of plastic or polyurethane.

We offer rollers manufactured in accordance with our customer’s suggestions or design.

We take into account the belt width when selecting the right type of a roller.


Standard types of conveyor belts:
Belt width 650 800 1000 1200 1400 1600
The width of a conveyor belt frame 950 1150 1350 1600 1800 2050
Arrangement of rollers Average Length
Smooth 108 750 950 1150 1400 1600 1800
133 750 950 1150 1400 1600 1800
Trough tripe roller arrangement 108 250 31S        
133 250 315 380 465 530 600
Trough roller with five rings arrangement 159       315